Изложба: Отражения от бъдещето

Изложба "Отражения от бъдещето" - участници

"The Good Stuff and the Bad Stuff", video 3.30min, Curtesy of the artist

Мария Пападимитриу

The place:
A church or chapel. The characters: Two women, of different ages, still very young though, two distinct life stories. They speak in whispers of their indiscretions (how many? which?), they repent, they suffer with bended head, they stare low. They ask for mercy. A determinative scene of spiritual deprivation. Between them, emptiness : an empty pew. Does the distance between them separate or unite them? The good and the bad. Maria Papadimitriou sets up an unmoving monoplane observing the ordeal of penitence slowly and insistently. It is an examination of the wish for catharsis, demolition and expiation. The intensity is recorded in a way that could resemble voyeurism. The camera, the god that sees all -writes Jim Morrison in Notes on Vision- grants remission of sins. The omniscient eye (the one that sees all). The camera-the eye. Taking on the role and the work of a psychoanalyst, the camera hears the sobs of need and the whispers of a personal confession on the couch, on view for all.