Изложба: Отражения от бъдещето

"Reflections of Tomorrow" - participants

The Zone

Adelina Popnedeleva

The Zone
There are such zones
I knew they were in Africa
That the insoluble traces of the consumer’s society have covered the earth there
And this zone is in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, Europe
Even its name is Zone, Zone-B5 – the pride of the socialist construction, the place where the comrade Todor Zhivkov used to cast his vote
We had a chance and that’s what we did with it
Let’s see what the young dogs will do – the ones born in the waste land, vital and confused, joyful and licentious, born free

A. Popnedeleva

The national flag raised as a symbol of the people and state in the Sofia complex of Nadezhda (Hope) and in the centre of the capital next to the National Assembly and the President’s Office.