Изложба: Отражения от бъдещето

"Reflections of Tomorrow" - participants

The Mistaken Reproduction

Alexander Yuzev

Installation composed of plexiglass, depicting a laser cut cardiovascular system of a pubis whose drawing is deliberately mistaken. Through the author’s plastic language “the mistake” turns into a metaphor reflecting the state of our own people. The same luminous image is projected upon the real figure of the plexiglass, it coincides on 90% and creates a stereo effect. Every 13 seconds a scanned line passes through and discerns the cardiovascular system, the arterial and venous streams being in their respective colours – red and blue. The idea behind the installation is to create an association with the existence of a wall, invisible to eye, but still existing mentally in our consciousness, in memory of the wall which was separating the two worlds in the near past: the West and the East. It is an important proof that after all these years this state of almost natural human division continues still to be a barrier notwithstanding the continuous efforts to be erased and generations continue to be borne accepting the barrier as a fact. On the other hand, the feeling of difference is made even stronger by certain facts and actions on behalf of the western political affiliations and then the wall is self-charged and discerns its mistaken reproduction.