Изложба: Отражения от бъдещето

"Reflections of Tomorrow" - participants


BURGHARD´s attitude is best described as expanded sculpture: based on scepticism towards the very own conditions of art production, being at the same time an artist’s articulation in space, matter and form. Their installations are created with a variety of media common in occidental culture. Blackboards, projectors, pages from magazines and maps are being employed and their nature as media reflected. BURGHARD works on reassigning the vocabularies connected to these media, a concrete and poetic re-evaluation of information. In “Mappae Mundi” (Map of the world) several overhead projectors are covered with pages taken from a school atlas. Due to the strong light the information of the both sides of the pages merge together  and corrupt the proper representation of the content.  Within the projected image none of the information given on the maps is displayed.  Only an abstract pattern remains.