Изложба: Отражения от бъдещето

"Reflections of Tomorrow" - participants

"Tracing tracks", Video 10.02 min.

Katerina Apostolidou

Tracing Tracks develops on two levels. Through the act of drawing, my hands seem to trace the course that a couple of black fish follow as they move in the water. Or is it the other way around?The two fish follow the lines the hands are tracing like predetermined tracks, like a fate they can’t escape. The screen becomes the pulsating field of this ambiguity. Gradualy, the proliferating fish overwhelm the space and finally make the drawing vanish.

The ambiguous image is questioning our capability of making choices.
The act of drawing becomes compulsory while it is carried on by both hands simultaneously and is being coordinated with the proliferating fish. In this uncanny situation, the image of the fish and its relation to the act of drawing is used as an allegory. It ultimately questions whether we make our own decisions or if our course in life is predetermined. Wether the impact of our social environment which formulates us in many ways predestinates our goals and failures. The repetition of this action is similar to a kind of self-punishment as is the question that is repeated constantly without answer.